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My Process

Organizing your home can be daunting, sometimes overwhelming, which often leads to inaction. You may find it difficult to view belongings objectively, to understand their place within your life and space. You may not know where to begin. Let Space Therapy Montclair help you to take action, to take control of your home and the space within it. I will apply a methodical, logical, and practical approach to organizing your space, with a professional but personable approach. The organization process will be collaborative, enabling you to be comfortable and confident every step of the way and affording sustainability.


The first step is an initial consultation, where I will meet with you at your home, evaluate the scope of work, and prepare a Plan of Action. The process then begins with sorting and decluttering. Deciding what to keep, and what to live without, can be a difficult and emotional task. Let me guide you. We will then get organized - arranging like items together, determining where and how they fit best within your space, and labeling them. We will also determine a method for maintaining your newly organized space. The process will remain an active one, requiring nurturing and maintenance. If you need help with maintenance after the project concludes I offer “reset” sessions, which will enable you to quickly get back on track. 


I understand the trust that is necessary to invite me into your home and into your most private spaces, and to reveal many of the personal aspects of your life. I don’t invade and I don’t judge. I always respect confidentiality. Let’s work together to help you take control over your home and belongings.

Jodi Ashton

About Me

Calm, collaborative, personable, and practical; that’s the way I’ve always been and it’s a big part of the reason I enjoy not only organizing myself but helping others.


In my past professional life as a Project & Product Development Manager I needed to constantly be juggling timelines and deadlines for multiple projects and was always working with teams to get the job done. It was imperative that I established my own systems to stay on top of multiple items in progress and people to ensure everything was made and delivered on time. It was stressful but ultimately rewarding when projects were completed.


Fast forward to having a house, growing family and becoming the “house manager”… personality and past work skills have become invaluable to us. Being organized is vital to keeping my family and our routines running smoothly. To me, it’s worth the time to set up systems and the few extra minutes it takes to put everything away at the end of the day because it’s so easy for everything to get overwhelming and out of hand. I don’t like being late and disheveled so being organized has been a lifesaver. It’s a little work everyday but to me it’s totally worth the time and effort.

Favorite Things

Here are some of my favorite items that I recommend to clients when organizing spaces:

- Kallax Shelving Unit

- Wire Storage Shelves

- 13” Fabric Storage Cubes, Dark Grey

- 13” Fabric Storage Cubes, Flax

- Hampers (for creative storage)

- Felt Hangers

- Storage Bins: 70 Qt.

- Storage Bins: 18 Qt.

Recommended Websites for Organizing Supplies:

The Container Store



Home Depot


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