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Snow Day!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

What a difference a couple of weeks make these days…..

Earlier this month, ice cubes were being flushed down the toilet, pajamas worn inside out and backwards and white crayons placed in every window of our home with the hope that these rituals would ensure that school would be closed.   It worked!

Fast forward a week and we were running around barefoot on the beach in 60 degree weather on President’s Day weekend!  Everyone is so confused and parents need to be on their game about how to entertain kids in any type of weather, any season.  That being said, these activities work when there’s a snow day and you can’t go outside or a heat wave and you can’t go outside.  In either case, letting kids have endless screens will keep them quiet while they’re watching but will send them bouncing off the wall when time is up.

Consider some of these activities to keep everyone’s sanity intact whether it’s too hot or too cold outside….

  1.  An EPIC Pillow Fort- In our house EPIC pillow forts are only built on special occasions and involve using every chair and couch cushion, throw pillows, sleeping pillows and most blankets. How to engineer it will take a while.  When complete it can be used for reading, resting, playing video games, a play date with all of the stuffed animals or a shelter for a Nerf gun battle.  It’s amazing to watch how creative kids can be when given every cushion in the house and their limitless imagination.


2.  A Giant Cardboard Box – 

In this case, the bigger the better when it comes to box sizes.  Their minds will go crazy making favorite cartoon characters, houses, skyscrapers or even an entire city.

3.  Stuffed Animal Party – 

Collect all of the stuffed animals in your house and have a big party!!  If your house is anything like mine, it will take quite a while to gather all of the animals and arrange them just so.  This is just a small sampling of the furry friends in our house.

4.  Kitchen Crafts –

There are more things in your kitchen than you realize to settle in for a crafty afternoon.  How about paper plate snowmen, pasta necklaces, coffee filter snowmen or snowflakes or egg crate animals?  It’s very likely that all the supplies you need are already in your house

If time allows and you’re feeling motivated, why not tackle a drawer or two while your kids are occupied or organize your pantry?  And as an end note how about a cup of cocoa or lemonade (depending on the season) in front of the fireplace or fire pit.

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