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It’s a Wrap

It’s the homstretch of the year but before you cross the 2016 finish line you first have to get through the frenetic holiday season that’s here.

While you’re running around making lists, checking them twice, putting in multiple online orders and receiving multiple packages on a daily basis don’t forget that all of those items that are gifts for others need to be wrapped and delivered and/or put under a tree before you know it.

Don’t wait until the last minute when you’re swimming in packages, paper and tangled up ribbons to start gift wrapping everything.  Get a handle on the supplies you need now so you can make the act of wrapping everything up a calmer more enjoyable experience.

Here are a few Gift Wrapping 101 suggestions to help you get all of your essentials organized and in one place.  I’m being realistic and assuming your home does not have a dedicated Martha Stewart craft and gift wrapping room.

  1. Gift Wrap Station on the back of a Door.  This genius solution uses the Elfa storage system from the Container Store and can accommodate all gift wrapping items – ribbons, tissue paper, bags, and paper with assorted sized wire baskets.


2.  Store all wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes and tissue paper in a dedicated basket and keep ribbons and gift tags together in a small plastic container.

3.  You can use a shoe bag hung on a wall or inside of a closet door to corral wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift tags and ribbons.  For the wrapping paper, cut out the bottoms of the shoe sections so they can accommodate the length of the rolls.

Don’t assume the elves are going to come while you’re sleeping and do all of the work for you. However you decide to get your supplies in order it’s best to think about it now so you can make sure you have everything you need before the 11th hour.

Cheers and happy wrapping!!

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