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The Hemie Cabinet

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

My husband’s grandmother, “Hemie” was a special person in our lives. When she passed away a few years ago we had to go through her belongings and divvy up items to family members. We ended up with a classic cabinet which fits perfectly in a corner of our dining room and has become our depository for incoming mail, shopping receipts, stationery and all things miscellaneous mail related. We nonchalantly and lovingly refer to it regularly as “The Hemie Cabinet.”

While I’m pretty sure Hemie did not use the cabinet for her incoming mail, and my style is not typically classic or traditional, the piece fits perfectly into our home and our daily routine. I’m sure Hemie’s smiling, knowing we refer to her regularly.

Sometimes getting someone’s hand-me-downs seems like more unnecessary “stuff” that you’re bringing into your house, but it’s important to think about how an item will work in your home and your routine. Be creative; because something was used a certain way by someone else, doesn’t mean it will serve the same purpose for you. As long as you can make it functional it will be a win-win; Serve a purpose and strike a memory at the same time. What could be better?

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