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Happy “Year of the Lego” New Year

Happy New Year!

This is the year I’m taking back the legos. I spent my winter break purging, decluttering and helping my kids (ages 9 & 12) to organize their humungous lego collection. This was no easy feat. It was many hours (like days) and a few people (kids, grandparents, parents) all pitching in to comb through 20+ lbs of disorganized and disjointed lego parts.  It takes patience, a village to take back a lego collection!

I’ve already told my children that if this system doesn’t work, the next lego organizing session will be giving their legos away to other kids that will do a better job of keeping them in order.

The initial process seemed daunting and overwhelming but like every other organizing project we had a specific end goal and finite small tasks to get us to the finish line. We each started with a small plastic bin or cup and scooped up a bunch of legos from the large Rubbermaid and laid out multiple empty bins on the floor for sorting. We decided based on their massive collection that sorting by color was the best way to go about the job.  In addition to the color bins, we had smaller plastic containers for “the guys.”  Heads, bodies, pants & accessories were all sorted in sections based on like with likes.

Voila!  Here is 12+ hours and 4+ people of lego sorting.  Stay tuned to see if this system can be maintained….

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