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Baby it’s getting Cold Outside!!

Baby, it’s cold outside…..or at least it was this past weekend!! Are you starting your “nesting” preparations??!!


Not only is it time to rake leaves outside but it’s time to finalize the cleaning and bagging up inside as well. I’m sorry to say but anything hanging around from the summer will do nothing but collect dust and take up valuable real estate at this point. A small, clear plastic bin is the perfect size for small tubes of toiletries that are out of season along with small miscellaneous summer items. (Recommended – Sterilite clear plastic storage tote – 7”h x 12 ¼”w x 18 1/8” l)


Beach toys can be stored in the garage or attic in a mesh laundry bag or a large clear plastic bin depending on how many of them you have. Don’t forget to throw away anything that’s broken or not going to be used anymore. There is no sense in storing something that you no longer need; it’s taking up valuable storage space. It’s the same for boogie boards, surfboards or oversized water items. If you have high shelves or rafters/exposed beams in your garage it’s the perfect storage space for these types of items and you won’t need them until next year (sniff, sniff). If you don’t have ceiling or shelf space for large items, a flat spot against a wall in the attic or garage will be fine until you need to pull them out next year. (Recommended: All-board rack from the container store, Pop up mesh hampers or mesh laundry bags)


Sadly, all of your sandals and flip flops are old news at this point. Move them out of the high traffic areas near your entryway. Ideally, you have plenty of shoe shelves to store all of the footwear you won’t be using but if not you can purchase a few clear plastic bins that can be stored under your bed or in the attic. Hanging shoe bags that hang from a clothing rod or a shoe bag on the inside of a closet door is another solution. Fortunately summer shoes take up a lot less space for storing than your heavy boots and cold weather shoes which you will be using in the upcoming months. (Recommended: Shoe bags from The Container Store, Clear plastic storage container

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If you use lightweight bedding and thin seasonal quilts it’s time to pack them up and get out the warm, cozy down comforter and flannel sheets. It’s best to store out of season bedding items in clear plastic storage bags. Make sure you wash and dry bedding thoroughly before packing it up for the winter months.


While it’s a bummer that long, warm breezy days are behind us, I’ll be looking forward to the start of fire-making, cider and hot chocolate season!!

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