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Back to School Week – Time to get Organized

Ah summer…’s hard to believe it’s a memory!  With back to school this week it’s time to start establishing routines and habits for everyone in the house to make your year run as smooth as possible.

Do you have a designated and organized area for coming in and leaving your house everyday? An organized entryway/mudroom will make everyone’s life run so much smoother.  Hooks for each person to hang jackets and book bags and baskets or mud mats for shoes (low hooks are ideal for younger kids so they can do their own hanging).  As soon as people come in things should go in their place not just dumped on the floor.  It may take a few days to “train” everyone but once you do it will be so much less daily aggravation and everyone (even children) will be able to find their things. The best part is  you won’t be scrambling at the last minute for missing shoes and bags every time you walk out the door.

Even with an organized area I’m still telling my kids the same thing every day when they come home….”take off your shoes, wash your hands, unpack your bag and then put it on your hook.” At least they know where to put everything….one battle won!

I know things are always easier said than done so if you feel like you can’t set something up on your own then call me – it won’t take as long or be as overwhelming as you think.  I promise! 

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