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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Happiness is a sparkly new necklace.  Misery is only wearing it once because it’s now tangled in with the rest of your baubles and who really has time to organize that mess?

Does this look familiar?

Organizing your necklaces, bracelets and earrings doesn’t need to be all that labor intensive, time consuming or expensive.  All you need are a few good ideas, a designated space for your trinkets and the time to coral all the stray earrings and untangle the chains.

For necklaces, why not hang hooks or peg board on the inside of a cabinet door or closet?

Photo courtesy of Space Therapy Montclair, LLC

For bracelets, you can use candlesticks or empty bottles to stack and display them on a dresser or shelf.

For earrings, why not attach pairs to a novelty ribbon, buttons, use a pill container to separate or display in a frame?

Your jewelry should be fun to wear but also fun to display, put away and access when the mood strikes.  Time to let your bling sing!

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