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Clutter to Creations

Do you have a tendency to accumulate multiples of the same item?  Items that you could call a “collection,” but that would be quite a stretch.  Yarn?  Newspapers?  What about those hundreds of crayon nubs just collecting dust in a box?  How about those old cans of food that expired a couple of years ago?

Imagine all the piles of stuff around your house transformed into something else; something creative, something beautiful.

If you look at all these things from a crafty point of view you can transform this clutter and tap into your inner artist at the same time.


Read here to learn how to make adorable yarn flowers which you can display anytime of the year.

They’re a perfect decoration for Easter or Mother’s Day and will brighten up any grey day.

With Easter right around the corner, why not take some of those yarn scraps and make Easter eggs.  You can use either styrofoam eggs or plastic easter eggs for this craft.


NEWSPAPER, Catalogs or Excessive Gift Wrap:

If you haven’t read all the newspapers piled up chances are you’re not going to get to them.  How about transforming the paper into one of these crafty ideas:

See here for instructions on how to make a newspaper gift bag:


You can make a woven basket out of newspaper or magazines.  This one is pretty time consuming but the end result is practical, crafty and fun.


Hit the pantry and see if you have any expired canned goods.  If so, empty them out and repurpose the cans.

Empty cans can be wrapped in decorative paper (or newspaper, or yarn, or ribbon) and used to house crayons, markers or pens & pencils.  How nice does this look?!

rainbow crayon organizer

Doing these crafts allows you to multitask because you’re decluttering and being creative at the same time.  You’ll never look at your piles of stuff the same way again.

Happy decluttering & creating!

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