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Do Big, Start Small

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

The New Year always brings big plans and a lot of self-induced pressure.  The best way to really ‘do’ big this year is to start small – especially if you easily get overwhelmed.

You’ll feel more of a sense of accomplishment by getting smaller things done than by having big plans and not knowing where to start.  If you’ve never been one for lists you should try making daily lists for the next couple of weeks so you can see exactly what you’ve accomplished in a day. Even if the tasks seem mundane – like putting away holiday decorations, writing thank you notes or going through piles of last years’ mail – you will feel like you’ve gotten something done after you cross it off a list.

If you’re big plan for the year is ‘take back the playroom,’ ‘get rid of clutter in the kitchen,’ or ‘get back in shape,’ it’s best to break the end goal down into smaller tasks in order to get the big job done.  For example, don’t plan to go to the gym five days next week for two hours each session. You’re body is probably not ready to be so intense and you will make yourself feel really bad if it doesn’t happen.  How about take one twenty minute brisk walk instead?  If you have light weights at home try lifting them for ten minutes before you get ready for bed.  If you do that once then plan to do it the next day.  If you walk for twenty minutes three times next week than increase your time by a few minutes or add another day of walking the following week.  By starting small it’s easier to feel good about what you’ve accomplished and you will be excited to add a little more.

If your plan is to get rid of all the clutter in your kitchen start by setting aside an hour  or two a day at a time when you are least likely to get interrupted so you don’t get side tracked from your task. Start with your junk drawer, container drawer or silverware drawer if they’re messy because those will probably take the least amount of time to sort.  Don’t feel bad about discarding or donating items that you don’t need or no longer use.  It will make the things that you decide to keep more accessible and easier to find when you need them.

Feel good about every little area that you unload, purge and declutter.  It will make you much more motivated to move onto the next task.  Happy New Year and Happy Organizing!

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