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Eat, Drink and be Merry. And Practical.

Are you the “host/hostess with the mostest” when the holidays roll around or a perpetual party goer? Whichever you are, it’s important to be a gracious host and guest and be prepared to give or get some pretty random gifts around this time of year. This year why not think practical and consumable instead of random.

I’ve ended up with a few dingers over the past few years. Have you ever gotten a “first slicer?” I have more salad tongs and wine glass charms than I know what to do with.

In the past few weeks I’ve had my “gift eyes” on every time I go shopping. Here are a few of the things I’ve noticed that can make you the belle of the ball at any party you attend.   When giving a gift you should think about something you would appreciate getting but wouldn’t necessarily purchase for yourself.

Wine, beer or a festive beverage or condiments in a decorative/reusable bag with accessories is always a good bet. How about adding in a bottle opener, funny cocktail napkins or coasters?

Have you seen these?

Specialty coffee, tea or hot chocolate with a mug to put it in is sure to please.

A small cheese board or cheese knives with a block of cheese and gourmet crackers can be a crowd pleaser not only for the host but for their guests as well. You can pick up great cheeses at most supermarkets or grocery stores. A recent standout combination is Trader Joe’s pumpkin & cranberry crisp crackers with apple cinnamon goat cheese. Sweet, subtle and delicious. It was a sample when I was shopping a few weeks ago and wowed me so much I purchased it for my last get-together with friends.  Yum!!

A little crafty goes a long way too.  How about a home made ornament, apron or something else made from the heart and given with love?

The most important and practical thing you can give or get this year (or any for that matter) is the time spent with friends and family.  That is truly priceless.  Cheers!

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