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Everyone loves to play – kids and grownups alike. For children, there’s the playroom, for men there’s “the man cave” and for women there’s the “craft room.” Ideally your living space can accommodate everyone’s needs but for most of us there’s one area that needs to accommodate mom, dad and kids. Is it possible for everyone to peacefully coexist?

The only way to satisfy everyone is to be intentional about how you layout your area and use furniture/storage units that can do double duty.  Your lego/train table is technically a coffee table. Your TV unit can most definitely store some baskets of most used toys and books.  Your kids’ artwork is definitely worthy of a frame and should be displayed proudly on the wall for everyone to admire.  Have you ever thought of making a display of all those little cars you have?

Here are some great ideas for how to store and display items used in your shared play space.

Cars will be easier for little hands to access if they are displayed on a low wall shelf.

Reading nooks can also double as colorful displays and the easier the access for your children the less aggravation for you.  IKEA’s MOSSLANDA picture ledges can hold artwork, photos and can also be great book shelves.

Swoop bags are great storage and play areas for more than just legos.  Any activity that has many small pieces is a great candidate for a Swoop Bag.

Arts & crafts supplies can be stored in a portable utility cart so they’re easy to access and easy to clean up and roll to the corner.  IKEA’s RASKOG utility cart is a great, inexpensive option.

With every shared room the best way to keep it organized is to have realistic storage systems that everyone can use and access.  It will get messy.  Everyone will need to help clean up at some point.  Make it a space that’s cheery so everyone can enjoy it.

Happy Playing!

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