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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

andbags are kind of like shoes when it comes to thinking you don’t have all that many but when you do an actual inventory there are three times as many as you think.  While we often have one to three handbags in our regular rotation there are many more collecting dust in various places around our home.  It may be time to corral them, do some edits and figure out the best way to store them all together before you go out and add to your already extensive collection.

According to the blog “” there are six essential styles of handbags that every woman should own – Cross Body, Day Clutch, Weekender, Evening Clutch, Day Tote Bag and a Just for Fun bag.  Realistically, you probably have a few of one style and none of another…..but that’s OK, as long as you have what you need and know where it is.

Instead of just throwing your bags in the back of your closet, here are some practical and creative ways to house what you have.

If you have a designated closet for everyday coats, why not dedicate a hanger or two to your most used handbags or a hanging cubby/shoe bag that can work for the overflow? Or use the back of a door.

If you have space at the bottom of a closet you can corral your bags into a large enough basket or two to accommodate them all.


Photo courtesy of Space Therapy Montclair, LLC

If shelf space in a closet allows, why not use a pot rack to sort small clutches?

Another creative way to store your handbags is on a towel bar with shower curtain hooks. All you need is a small stretch of wall and someone handy to attach the bar.  The weight of the bags could rip the bar out of the wall if it’s not properly secured.


Photo courtesy of Space Therapy Montclair, LLC

And don’t forget the just for fun bags in your collection;  Here are a few of my favorites:

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